Country Songs

Waiting For The Train
A song about a young man on an empty station platform who’s waiting for his loved one.
Head And Heart
For when your head says one thing and your heart says another.
Mountain Girl
A song inspired by a holiday to Tennessee, Virginia and the Blue Ridge mountains.
Our Little Patch Of Land
A song about enjoying where you live.
New River Trail Café
A song about an old-timey music session in the little town of Fries, one of the towns on Virginia’s ‘Crooked Road’ Heritage Music Trail.
Me And My Dog
When a relationship involving a man, a woman and a dog doesn’t work out!
Writing A Love Song
He’s writing a love song; but who is he writing it for?
The Man With The Steel Guitar
A young man is taken to his first music gig, but he can’t take his eyes off the man with the steel guitar.
Ashes And Rain
An instrumental – played on the dobro – inspired by the Appalachian mountains of Eastern America.